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Check out the new UK commercial – it’s the dog’s bollocks!

Last month we filmed our new UK spot, Dog’s Bollocks, in Peru. Peru? Yes…Peru. We found a London-born, grade school teacher living in Lima, Peru to play the part. We think he should re-think careers because he did a BRILLIANT job!

We’re delighted to present you with this sneak preview of the commercial, as well as some behind-the-scenes photos.
As our valued customers, you are among the first to watch this commercial, so please, sit back and enjoy it. If you like the video, feel free to share it with your friends and family, and, even post your comments about it on our social media pages. not only helps you wire money to the UK in just one business day, but also costs only $4.99 so you can save money and time. Isn’t that the Dog’s Bollocks?


Happy Easter!

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Evolution of the Xoom X

Last month we shot several new commercials in Peru for the United Kingdom and Latin America. Here are some stills of our actors doing the Xoom X:

So how did the Xoom X start? Well, way back in 2005…

We were preparing to film commercials for the Philippines and our advertising agency sent over some photographs for a storyboard. One of these photos was of an actress with her arms raised enthusiastically in the air: 

Our Vice President of Marketing at Xoom saw this photo and said, “Look! She’s doing the Xoom X!” And ever since this happy accident, Xoom fans all around the world have been doing the Xoom X.


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Kumusta! Panoonrin ang video ni Gelo ng Barangay USA tampok ang!

Pumunta sa blog ni Gelo para sa karagdagang updates ng at mga kalapit na Pilipino communities.


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Happy Holidays!