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Watch Tendulkar’s 200th and final test match for free on

Can’t buy a ticket for Sachin Tendulkar’s last match, one of the biggest matches in India’s cricket history?

The Mumbai Cricket Association put about 3,500 tickets on sale through a Web site, but the site crashed – and the tickets were not available to be sold at Wankhede for the test match on Wednesday against the West Indies.

But there’s an easy way to make sure you can be part of Tendulkar’s and Team India’s history: You can watch Tendulkar’s 200th and final test match of his 24-year career for free on by simply sending your first Xoom money transfer of $150 or more.  And by doing just that, you can also watch all of Team India’s matches on for free the rest of the year.

Wankhede seats only 32,000, so the demand for tickets to see the “Little Master” end his test career far exceeds the capacity of the stadium.

Now, Xoom has teamed up with to make it easy to be part of history and give Tendulkar your own personal sendoff.


Xoom Announces Money Transfer Service to NRE and NRO Bank Accounts in India

Money transfers to India bank accounts within four hours

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, July 30, 2013 – Xoom Corporation (NASDAQ: XOOM), a leading digital money transfer provider, has announced that NRIs (Non-Resident Indians) can now use Xoom’s money transfer service to send bank deposits directly to their NRE (Non-Resident External) and NRO (Non-Resident Ordinary) bank accounts in India.

NRIs can now send bank deposits within four hours to recipients with NRE/NRO accounts, with great locked-in exchange rates.

“In a continued effort to provide superior services to our customers, Xoom now introduces bank deposits to NRE/NRO accounts, giving NRIs every reason to use Xoom,” said Julian King, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Corporate Development for Xoom. “Plus, with our new App for Android and iOS devices, Xoom is committed to making money transfers easy and trustworthy for everyone.”

“Xoom takes care of all your money transfer needs,” said India’s biggest superstar and Xoom brand ambassador Amitabh Bachchan. “No one gets your bank deposits to India faster than, and now to NRE and NRO accounts too!”

Bank deposits are processed in India through Xoom’s partner Punjab National Bank. “We are pleased to partner with Xoom to provide NRIs a fast and easy way to send bank deposits to their NRE and NRO accounts,” said Mr. Thyagarajan, GM IBD Punjab National Bank.

With Xoom, customers can send money to all Rupee-denominated bank accounts in India, including NRE/NRO accounts within four hours, when sent during India bank processing hours. Service is available to all major banks in India including Punjab National Bank, ICICI, HDFC, SBI, Axis Bank, Citibank and many more. Customers can send up to $2,999 per transaction.

Indian bank processing hours are generally Monday through Friday, 9:00 A.M. – 4:00 P.M. (India Standard Time), and Saturday, 9:00 A.M. to noon (India Standard Time). Individual bank branch operating and processing hours may vary. Customers can visit for more information.

About Xoom
Xoom is a digital money transfer provider, focused on helping consumers send money in a secure, fast and cost-effective way using a smartphone, tablet or computer. During the 12 month period ended June 30, 2013, Xoom’s more than 915,000 active customers sent more than $4.3 billion to family and friends in 30 countries. The company is headquartered in San Francisco and can be found online at


Janmashtami on August 22 is a bank holiday in India, and will delay transactions to India by 24 hours

Janmashtami celebrates the birthday of Lord Krishna. Hindu festival Krishna Janmashtami will be held on Monday, August 22, 2011. Janmashtami is not only celebrated in India but it is also celebrated by NRIs in other countries with complete devotion. During this holiday, many businesses, especially banks, will be closed.

If you are sending money with Xoom, you should know that all transactions to India will be delayed by 24 hours. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Enjoy the celebrations.
The Xoom Team

Aug releases a Bollywood spectacular with a money transfer twist!

Light….Camera ….Action…the drama has all the masala to make a spicy blockbuster. Xoom steps in this filmy-shackle-breaking entertainer, and saves the day!

Dramatic footsteps, a dragging belt, the khandar, a teary eyed maa, daaku aur bandhuk all been put together in a spectacular Bollywood drama by none other than Sumit Dutt Mannan the director of ‘Dhinka Chika’ from the super hit film READY and ‘Desi Beat’ from the upcoming movie BODYGAURD.

So get ready to jive in to the ‘Fatafat Xoomfast’, signature move! The countdown begins now…watch this space for the latest Bollywood blockbuster coming from Xoom.


Xoom Announces Changes to its Money Transfer Services to India

Today we’re announcing some changes to our money transfer services to India.

After August 12, 2010, we will no longer offer cash pickup or home delivery services to India, but will continue to offer 24 hour bank deposit service. We made this change to better focus on our core money transfer service to India, fast bank deposits.

Any cash pickup or home delivery transactions placed before August 12, 2010, will be processed as usual. To check the status of a transaction, customers can visit our Track Your Transaction page.

Our sincere apologies if this change in service causes our customers any inconvenience. However, Xoom will continue to offer our fast bank deposit service to India with the following features:

Bank Deposits within 24 Hours – Xoom money transfers reach most bank accounts in India, including our partner Punjab National Bank, within 24 hours.

Fee-free Money Transfers – Fee-free transfers when customers send more than $1,000.

Locked-in Exchange Rates – Customers know exactly how much money their recipients will receive with Xoom locked-in exchange rates.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding this change, please send us an email through our Help Center or call our Customer Service team at 877-815-1531 (within the U.S.) or 415-395-4225 (outside the U.S.). Our call center is available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

Apr Goes to Bollywood: A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Our New Commercial

He’s not a ‘Kapoor’ or a ‘Khan,’ but his name is ‘Karan’ – the star parrot that steals the show in the new TV commercial!

Ever heard of parrots coming for an audition? Finding the star parrot for the latest TV commercial was no joke – even in Mumbai. After a few auditions, the parrot chosen had to travel to Mumbai from Pune with his master Purushottam Ji.

‘Karan’, – (the parrot’s screen name, affectionately called Totelal) surely had a Bollywood temperament with moments of shyness mixed with a ‘Don’t touch me’ attitude, only performing when his master cajoled him. Can’t be a star without some nakhras!


However, after a few rehearsals with his screen master, Karan (Totelal) warmed up to the lens and was on a role flipping tarot cards for everyone on set! Shot against the colorful backdrop of an Indian bazaar, the TV commercial for will launch in the next few days – be on the look out!


Share the joy of Holi with

Share the joy of Holi! Send money now with great locked-in exchanges rates from

Holi Hai! You probably miss the Rang Birangi Gulal…The splashes of pichkari….The chilling thandai…Be a part of the colorful celebration by sending home the gift of


Know Your Locked-In Exchange Rate to India Before You Send

This week, we announced the launch of a new test feature on our India homepage. Now when you visit our India home page, you can conveniently view the daily exchange rate of a US dollar to an Indian rupee without having to access a separate page.

We will be testing this new feature on half our customers to determine how convenient you think it is to have easily viewable FX rates. We hope this new addition makes it easier and more convenient for you to send money to India.