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How to Send Money to Colombia

If you have family or friends back in Colombia and you need to send money to them, it's easier than ever with Xoom. Sending money online is fast, secure and simple to complete, and you can get set up in not time at all.

First, you'll have to decide how you wish to send money to Colombia. You can either do this via bank deposit or by cash pick-up. Bank deposit adds the money directly to your recipient's account, although you'll need their account number in order to complete this transaction. A cash pick-up allows your friend or family member to stop by one of the many bank branches or money transfer locations and receive their funds in cash.

If you choose a bank deposit with Bancolombia, the money will usually clear within 15 minutes. For all other banks, your receipient will have to wait a full business day before the funds are available to them.

Xoom has nearly 1,000 locations across Colombia for cash pick-ups. You can send money to Bancolombia, Macrofinanciera or Davivienda, and the funds will typically be available within 15 minutes.

At the moment, $1 is equal to 1783 Colombian pesos. When you use Xoom to send money online, you'll be able to see the current exchange rate and lock that price in.


Celebrate Renteria’s MVP Award: Send Money to Colombia for 50% Off

Xoom congratulates Edgar Renteria, this year’s World Series MVP. To celebrate, we’re offering 50% all money transfers to Colombia through November 3, 2010.

Use the coupon code, MVP2010 when you send money to Colombia.

Congratulations to Edgar and all the San Francisco Giants on their victory in this year’s World Series


Congratulations Colombia! 200 years of independence!

¡Felicidades, Colombia, por el bicentenario de su independencia!