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How to send money to Argentina with Xoom

If your family lives in Argentina while you are working in the United States, you will likely have to send money back-and-forth on a regular basis. Your family's finances are important, so it's critical that you find an online money transfer service that can handle your transactions in a convenient yet secure fashion. This is where Xoom comes in.

Many Argentinians opt to send money back home using Xoom because of the numerous options they have for completing transactions. When sending money to Argentina, you'll be able to choose between a cash pick-up or a direct bank deposit. Xoom partners with BBVA Banca Frances to offer cash pick-ups at more than 300 locations across Argentina. Once you hit send on your computer, it normally takes about 15 minutes for this type of transaction to process. Your recipient can pick up the funds at any branch during normal hours of operation.

Some prefer the convenience of a bank deposit instead. With this transaction, you'll instead be depositing the money directly into a bank account. In addition to the previously mentioned BBVA Banca Frances, this service is offered with HSBC, Galicia, Credicoop, Estandar Bank, Citibank, Banco Provincia de Buenos Aires, Banco Santander and several others.