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Xoom Launches New Multicultural Advertising Campaign

Julian King, CMO at Xoom

At Xoom, our customers are at the center of everything we do. That’s why we’re thrilled to be launching our first global advertising campaign called, All Stars 1.0, since joining the PayPal family last Fall. The multicultural advertising campaign reflects the way Xoom helps our customers – primarily U.S. immigrants – send money back home to the people they love most.

All Stars 1.0 was customized across 10 markets – the Philippines, Haiti, Guyana, Mexico, Brazil, Jamaica, United Kingdom, China, Vietnam and South Asia —in 10 languages to create a total of 20 spots. The message is the same across all of the countries and regions: send money from anywhere with your mobile phone in just seconds. However, the talent and the language were tailored to each market.

You can see what I mean by viewing the first ad series, Workplace, launching this week.

The campaign was created based on significant customer research and global insights. Some of the key findings that influenced the ad include:

  • Sending Money at Work. Many of Xoom’s customers primarily access the Internet through their mobile phones and are often sending money while they are on their lunch break or between tasks at work. In many instances, these occupations such as medicine, hospitality and construction don’t allow them to sit at a computer all day, or leave work to spend hours waiting in line. To reflect these customer insights, we showed people in all of these occupations in the Workplace ads, and how conveniently they can transfer money in seconds at the swipe of a button.
  • Peace of Mind. One of the biggest pain points for Xoom’s primary users—immigrants in the United States sending to their families back home—is that they want peace of mind that their money will reach their families and friends securely and quickly. The ads highlight Xoom’s text alerts feature, which sends consumers and SMS when the money has arrived. Additionally, customer service is available by phone 24 hours a day to guide users step-by-step.
  • Transfers On-the-Go. Our customers say that in the U.S. they live very busy lives.  Sending money while on-the-go and using waiting periods, such as time spent on the bus, to send money helps them save time to do other important things throughout the day. Our Timestamp series, the second set of ads in this campaign scheduled to launch later this year, highlights instances like these. While shopping at the grocery store, waiting at the drive thru, or going to the dry cleaner are other typical scenarios that all people can identify with and can be used to send money.

These ads are just the beginning of a mission to start a larger conversation about the future of money. The campaign attempts to shift perceptions of remittances as time consuming and inconvenient while emphasizing the value that digital remittances can bring to people’s daily lives.


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