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Do you plan to attend a Filipino event this summer?

As usual in the summertime, there doesn’t seem to be any shortage of activities, or things to do that involve you and your family and others. For many Fil-Ams, the summer can be packed with a great number of important and fun events, whether they involve enjoying flowers or festivals or whether the events are more along the religious side.

Making time together for families cuts across the Filipino heritage and it’s a vital component to everyday life. Plus, it helps to remind us of our friends and family back home.

Xoom, a leading digital money transfer provider, thought it would be a valuable idea to find out more on the subject from some of its best Fil-Am customers. So Xoom decided to conduct an exclusive survey on the subject of summer and what to may decide to do, asking the question, ‘Do you plan to attend a Filipino event this summer?’

Yes, said exactly 40 percent of those who responded in the survey. But 38 percent answered no, they don’t have anything in mind, while another 22 percent said that there are no Filipino events nearby that they could attend.

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