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Do you have a mobile wallet?

We’re living a fast-paced lifestyle so much of the time these days that it’s sometimes difficult to know what the new technology offers. Or how to make it work. Or what to do with it.

Payments and tech is one area that’s really taking off. It used to be that paying for products or services with cash or a check was the only option. But that was before the advent of credit cards. Now, many of us are holding on for the next way to pay. It’s already here. It’s your mobile device. Banks, start-ups, regulators and mobile service providers are all working together to integrate mobile payments into our everyday lives by having a debit or credit card on every mobile carrier.

It’s called a mobile wallet. Xoom, a leading digital money transfer provider, thought it would be useful to find out more, so Xoom conducted an exclusive survey of some of its Fil-Am clients and asked each one if they have a mobile wallet.

As it turns out, only 17 percent of the respondents said that they do have a mobile wallet, while 59 percent answered that no, they do not. And then 24 percent said they don’t know what a mobile wallet is.

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