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In a typical week, how many hours of overtime do you work?

Working overtime has become a way of life for many households. Longer hours, longer workweeks, often it’s all part of the job, and keeping it. Of course, working overtime also pumps up the paycheck a little bit, so overtime pays off even it is sort of expected of you.

It’s a tradeoff, though. You give up part of your week, but you also get paid for it. Some work at a few hours of overtime on the job during the week and then again, some people don’t work any overtime.

So what are the actual percentages of how much overtime you have? Xoom wanted to find out. Xoom, a leader in the global money transfer business, conducted a survey of its Filipino American customers recently and asked how much overtime you work in a typical week.

The vast majority of those who responded in the survey, 55 percent, said they do not work any overtime at all in a typical week. Up to three hours a week of overtime was the second-highest percentage, 18 percent of those who responded. Fourteen percent said they worked from three to 10 hours of overtime in a usual week and 13 percent said they typically worked 10 hours or more of overtime a week.

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