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Do you think President Aquino is doing a good job with the Philippine economy?

Politics can be a tricky or even polarizing topic, but there is one aspect of it that’s always in style. The economy. What’s happening with it and are you happy with the way it’s trending?

President Benigno S. Aquino III was sworn in four years ago with a significant mandate in his election. Son of legendary leaders in Filipino democracy, Benigno Aquino Jr. and Corazon Aquino, he probably has had enough time on the job for some opinions to be formed about his government’s handling of the economy of the Philippines.

Aquino’s government has pursued legislation reforms to build up investment opportunities and some reports reflect inflation at around 3.1 percent.

But Xoom, a global money transfer leader, wanted to know more. Xoom wanted to know how you feel, so Xoom conducted an exclusive survey of its Filipino-American customers recently and asked whether they thought President Aquino is doing a good job with the Philippine economy.

Aquino is doing a good job, according to 32 percent of the respondents in the survey. While 20 percent who took part in the survey said that Aquino is not doing a good job with the Philippine economy, the highest percentage of those who took the survey, 48 percent, said they had no opinion.

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