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How often do you text your loved ones in the Philippines?

How do you correspond with others, especially family members far away? Keeping in touch and staying in touch with friends and family has changed a lot thanks to our digital and mobile devices. Texting has evolved into a major new way to stay in touch, especially with your loved ones back home in the Philippines.

News, sometimes important news, travels fast, and the need to know that news has probably never been greater.

That’s why texting has taken on such great importance. To find out just how important, global money transfer powerhouse Xoom conducted an exclusive survey of its customers recently. Xoom asked this question: How often to you text your loved ones back home in the Philippines?

The numbers were revealing. Texting daily was the answer from 35 percent of those in the survey. A full 19 percent of the respondents said they text their loved ones in the Philippines a few times a week. Texting a few times a month was the answer from 10 percent who took part in the survey; four percent said they texted once a week and two percent said they texted once a month. And 29 percent had some other answer.

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