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How many Facebook friends do you have?

Friends, how do you count them? The number and quality of your friends is one of the biggest aspects of socialization. We like to know what our friends are up to and in return, they’re fond of keeping track of your activities as well, which is the sort of circle of friendship that we’re all searching for.

These days, one of the most popular ways to track friendship is with Facebook, the social media giant, where giving a ‘like’ is giving a thumbs-up to your friend.  And who doesn’t enjoy writing (or seeing) a new status update?

Xoom, a leader in the global money transfer business, found the whole issue of Facebook compelling. So Xoom conducted an exclusive survey of its customers recently and asked about Facebook: How many Facebook friends to you have?

The most popular answer was one to 99 Facebook friends, which is what 30 percent of the respondents in the survey said. The next highest percentage, 24 percent, said they had somewhere between 100-299 Facebook friends. Some 14 percent in the survey answered they had anywhere from 300-499 Facebook friends, four percent who responded said they had from 500 to as many as 699 Facebook friends.

And 13 percent said they had 700 or more Facebook friends; while 15 percent answered that they were not on Facebook.

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