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How much do you spend per week commuting?

Too many people spend too much time not doing too much when they’re commuting to work. Certainly, traveling to and from work is not the most pleasant part of most workers’ days. Some commuters may have an easier trip than others, but that doesn’t mean it’s free.

Commuting to work costs money, sometimes plenty of it, which is part of the reason that commuting is not generally regarded as such a great experience.

The cost factor cuts across all lines of commuting and simply can’t be ignored.

So how much do you spend every week traveling to and from work? Global money transfer company heavyweight Xoom wanted to find out, so it conducted an exclusive survey of its Fil-Am customers recently and broke down the issue into something we all understand: Money.

Up to $25 every week was the answer for 53 percent of the respondents and 27 percent said their commuting costs were from $26-$50 a week.

As it turns out, those costs were on the low end. A full 11 percent who answered the survey said they paid between $51-$100 a week to commute to work. And four percent said they paid between $100-150 or more than $150 a week.

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