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Have you ever shopped online?

Remember when the only way to purchase a washing machine or a book or a record or clothes or light bulbs or a sofa was to go to a store? Of course you do. Buying goods from the person standing in front of you was the way you did it, because there wasn’t really any other dominant choice.

So very long ago, right? The Internet changed everything as far as shopping and commerce go, just as it’s impacted a great deal of how we live our lives, enjoy entertainment, connect with friends and find out the answers to our questions.

Shopping at stores is still an option, but the availability and quantity of online shopping opportunities seems to be gaining in popularity almost daily.

Xoom, one of the world’s leaders in the business of digital money transfer, conducted a survey of its Fil-Am customers recently and asked this question: “Have you ever shopped online?”

The results were, of course, overwhelming. A resounding 89 percent of the respondents in the survey said yes. Only 11 percent said they had not shopped online.

Isn’t that just about the answer that you would have expected? What would your answer be?

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