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How frequently do you visit Facebook?

You probably check the mailbox at home once a day. You eat one breakfast, one lunch and one dinner a day… unless you’re really, really hungry, of course. You take one shower a day, or at least the people you work with hope you do.

The people at Xoom, the money transfer company with the global reach, started wondering about something else that is probably part of your regular routine. So Xoom conducted an exclusive survey of its Fil-Ams customers and asked a very pertinent question: ‘How frequently do you visit Facebook?’

No brainer, right? Correct. Xoom’s survey revealed that 63 percent of the respondents said they visit Facebook at least once a day. There are probably many who might think more people could have said something like, oh, once every 10 or 15 minutes.

Anyway, eight percent of the respondents said two-to-six times a week, four percent said once a week, nine percent had other responses and 18 percent said they never checked their Facebook at all. For anyone who thought this is actually Facebook World, that’s a telling percentage.

But what does the 63 percent level of those who said they visit Facebook at least once a day tell us? Never mind, they’re probably logging on right now.

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