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Selecting a Money Transfer Service: Choose Good Customer Service

Many consumers view customer service as a dinosaur or as too much trouble to try. Remember those golden days when operators really took your call when you needed help? When selecting a money transfer company, you should consider a company that treats you like you really matter.

“Due to Unusually High Call Volume…”
When you call a company for customer service, what do you usually encounter? A maze of automated phone options followed by an interminable hold with lousy Muzak and a message that there is an “unusually high call volume” that repeats … and repeats.

Folks, when you’re sending your precious money to your loved ones back home, you want to get a live human being who answers the phone right away and answers your question to your satisfaction. You can’t recall the last time that happened?

Yes, we are living in an age of depersonalized customer service, where it feels like you, the customer, appear to be the lowest when calling for help. So, how do you determine who provides the best support when you need it the most? Who will answer the phone right away and treat you like you really matter? Well, that’s going to be difficult for you to figure out until you actually pick up the phone and call. Contact at any time to see how we put you first: (877) 815-1531 .

Check Third-party Customer Service Evaluations
But, there are a few independent analyses out there and one can be found in this document on The Market for Money Transfers. On page 10, you will notice a chart whose last column is headed “Client Support.” The criteria evaluated in this answers client’s questions, and offers additional help.” As you look at this chart, you will notice that only eight out of 37 companies evaluated scored a 4 (from a scale of 1-4). So, that might be a good place to start. Since some of those companies may not be operating in the U.S., that will further refine your search.

Which Money Transfer Company Will Work the Hardest for Your Business?
The most important consideration here is that you want a money transfer company that is devoted to its customers, that places top priority in making its customers happy and will do whatever it takes to resolve any issues that arise. In other words – they want you as a customer “for life.”

It starts with the opening welcome call when you sign up and every call that follows. So, if you’re waiting too long on hold for a money transfer company to answer, it’s time to switch to one that puts you and your family first.

At Xoom, we pride ourselves in answering all calls fast and in English, Spanish or Tagalog, 24/7/365.

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