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Amitabh Bachchan celebrates second birthday on August 2

On July 26, 1982, famous actor Amitabh Bachchan was seriously injured performing a stunt on the set of his film Coolie. The Indian star, known for a number of classic movies and a long career in many facets of the entertainment industry, has since attributed August 2 – the day of his near-miraculous recovery – as his "second birthday." 

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Recently, the star took to Twitter to remember the occasion, and said "T 1188 -So its past the midnight hour and many birthday wishes coming in for Aug 2 .. the day I lived again after 'Coolie' accident .."

The incident occurred when Bachchan was performing a stunt, and landed awkwardly on the edge of a table, according to the Times of India. He was quickly taken to Breach Candy Hospital, where he received an emergency splenectomy. He was so close to death during the ordeal, that when Bachchan returned to health, he celebrated the occasion as a second chance at life.

During the ordeal, many of the actor's fans, supporters and family took to the streets to pray a quick recovery, NDTV Movies noted.

As a sign of thanks, on August 1 Bachchan also tweeted: "T 1188 -What should be said on such occasions. The efficiency of the doctors at Breach Candy and the prayers of millions saved me."

Not surprisingly to many, Bachchan returned to the set of Coolie after his hospital stay, and finished filming, according to NDTV Movies. Once released, the movie had instant commercial success, like so many of the great actor's other movies. The many people who send money to India might be able to appreciate Bachchan's strength, and catch one of his films. Not only did he finish Coolie, the director re-wrote the ending to reflect the hurdles Bachchan overcame while making the movie.

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