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AIFF moving forward with new football league

Recently, the All India Football Federation, or AIFF, announced that the formation of a new style of football league was proceeding as planned. 

In partnership with IMG-Reliance, the tournament will be similar to the nation's current cricket Indian Premier League, according to DNA India. The goal is to help boost the popularity of football in the country, and there will be eight new clubs formed starring 176 players, including some potentially big names. 

Many people send money to friends and family in India, and perhaps catching a match, which will run between January 18 and March 30, is a great way to spend an afternoon. 

The AIFF is already attracting some high profile buyers for its franchises, such as Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan, according to the Times of India. One city which is expected to add a team to the new league is Kolkata, which has attracted the attention of Shah Rukh.

While the short time span isn't expected to produce continued success for Indian football like the current I-league is doing, AIFF president, Praful Patel, hopes that it can increase viewership and attract more fans, according to NDTV Sports. 

"Through this tournament we are looking for the popularization of Indian football and taking the game to the masses," Patel told reporters. "I league and this tournament will go hand-in-hand."

Ideally, the players for the new league will combine Indian football stars and overseas icons. While the I-league will retain its big names, many others could make an appearance in the tournament.

Patel expects any issues with players to be sorted out relatively easily, given that this is the inaugural year for the league. He told reporters that he doesn't think there will be any issue between the governing bodies in regards to the formation. 

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