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Mexico City to host NBA matchup

The NBA season recently came to a close, but preparations are already underway in many areas for the 2013-14 schedule. In fact, Mexico City will host an NBA game next season, which could have major effects on numerous Mexican residents and those who live outside of the nation and send money back home.

NBA officials announced that the Minnesota Timberwolves and San Antonio Spurs will face off during a regular-season contest in Mexico City on December 4, 2013. The game will take place at Mexico City Arena and is part of the NBA's efforts to extend its global reach.

Mexico City is a popular NBA destination
The 2013 matchup will mark the 21st time the NBA has hosted a game in Mexico. However, the matchup is the first time the Timberwolves will play in Mexico, while it will be the fifth time the Spurs have visited this country.

Dating back to 1990, the NBA has played 18 regular-season games outside of the U.S. and Canada. Mexico has hosted the most NBA matchups, aside from the United States and Canada, and offers numerous marketing opportunities to the association.

Timberwolves president Chris Wright points out that his team has a great chance to boost its international presence thanks in part to its upcoming matchup against the Spurs in Mexico City. While his squad has done plenty of work over the years to build a talented roster, the NBA may be able to get more people around the globe interested in basketball if it hosts additional contests in Mexico City and other international venues in the future.

"With the huge international presence on our current roster and our increasing global popularity, this is a natural fit for us," Wright said. "The NBA has done a phenomenal job in growing our game globally and we're excited to be a part of history as the NBA continues to expand its brand internationally."

Building a global brand
The Olympian reports that the NBA will also host a regular-season contest in London this season between the Atlanta Hawks and Brooklyn Nets. By promoting games in Mexico City, London and other regions around the globe, the association may be able to boost its profits for years to come.

Additionally, the Mexican economy could significantly benefit from the upcoming NBA matchup in Mexico City. In fact, if more Mexican youths start playing basketball, the sport may quickly become a popular choice for adolescents throughout the nation.

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