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Many Indian students enjoy unique learning opportunities

Teaching students about complex topics can be challenging for many educators worldwide. Various pupils, however, recently enjoyed hands-on tutorials that enabled them to learn from the Indian railway system.

Voice of America reports that the Indian government is relying on its railway system to help provide a moving classroom to students. Better known as the Science Express, the mobile learning environment has been a popular choice for pupils around the country, allowing them to learn about a variety of topics.

Raghav Pandya, a Science Express educator, points out that the train gives students opportunities to learn about climate change, biodiversity and numerous basic and complex educational areas. Meanwhile, the on-the-go classroom features unique exhibits that often make it easier for kids to fully understand the impact of various scientific methods and techniques.

"I am passionate about spreading and popularizing awareness regarding scientific knowledge and mechanisms that are surrounding us," Pandya told the news source. "People want to know why it is and how it is."

The benefits of the Science Express
In 2007, the Science Express was launched, and it has already had a major impact on many Indian students and those who live outside of India and send money to people back home. The news source notes that more than 8.5 million people have viewed the mobile exhibition, and this figure could increase over the next few years as well.

Numerous educators are also taking advantage of the Science Express, determining how they can effectively connect with pupils in this one-of-a-kind learning environment.

"Why not take science to the people instead of taking people to the science? And what better way than the Indian railway network, which is so vast that it is the largest network in the world," Indian Department of Science and Technology advisor Chander Mohan told the news source. "[This railway system] is stretched across the country. Each and every nook and corner of India is connected by the railway network."

More Indian community colleges being built
The Science Express represents just one of several educational opportunities available to Indian students. In fact, more pupils may benefit from community colleges that are being constructed across the nation.

According to International Business Times, 200 of these schools will be built in India and may help the country upgrade its education system. By giving more students access to quality learning environments, this nation and its residents could reap the rewards of first-rate educational opportunities for years to come.

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