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Intel releases new processor in India

Intel is a globally recognized brand, as this company has provided state-of-the-art technology to various consumers for years. Recently, this firm unveiled a new processor to Indian residents, which could have major effects on both the nation's residents and those who send money to people back home.

The Times of India reports that Intel's fourth generation processor is now available in PCs and laptops throughout India. The new hardware is energy efficient, making it easier for laptop owners to use their devices for extended periods of time. Additionally, this processor is designed to offer improved graphics performance, which could benefit those who use their PCs and laptops to create high-quality presentations, play games or perform various other tasks.

"[Fourth] Generation Intel Core processors offer the most significant gain in battery life ever achieved by Intel, up to double the graphics and significant CPU performance improvements that will deliver an exciting user experience," Intel spokesperson Debjani Ghosh told the news source. 

Technology helping Indian students
Education is key for pupils around the globe, especially for those who take classes at Indian schools. Over the next few years, however, more Indian adolescents will be able to rely on technology to accomplish their educational goals.

ZDNet notes that a new learning operating system, Touch-On-Cloud, may have far-flung effects on numerous Indian students in the near future. This user-friendly platform enables teachers to share information with pupils via PCs, laptops and tablets inside of classrooms. Meanwhile, the solution is flexible, and educators can incorporate into their daily lesson plans without delay.

"[We] knew that the education industry had access to providers of multimedia content and progressive hardware, but a flexible platform like ours was clearly novel," one of the system's developers told the news source.

By giving pupils access to first-rate digital tools, teachers throughout India can noticeably improve the learning experience. While educators will be able to share different types of presentations with pupils, these students can enjoy interactive classrooms that may allow them to benefit for years to come.

Smartphone use increasing in India
Many Indian adults and youths use smartphones to stay connected, as these gadgets often make it simple to receive news updates, keep in touch with family members and friends and much more. In fact, recent data indicates that smartphones are becoming more popular in India, which may affect residents of all ages.

According to CNET, India's smartphone sales rose 163 percent between the first quarters of 2012 and 2013. As a result, India is now the third largest smartphone market in the world, behind only the U.S. and China.

The news source states that various factors have influenced the Indian smartphone market in the past few years. New devices from brand-name technology suppliers such as Apple and Samsung have garnered attention from numerous Indian consumers. Those who are interested in top-notch gadgets commonly want the latest features, and as new devices become available, the number of Indian smartphone users may increase ever further.

Several Indian electronics stores are likely to profit as new smartphones are released, and this fact could have numerous effects on the nation's economy.

For instance, shops that develop innovative marketing plans may be able to boost their sales in short periods of time. These companies could also search for skilled professionals to assist customers, helping more Indian residents become vital contributors to the nation's economic growth.

Technology is already affecting many Indian citizens, and innovative platforms could help the country in a number of ways. As Indian officials consider strategies to help boost the country's profits, these leaders may pursue various technology investments soon.

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