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Indian contractor completes instant construction project

Constructing a 10-story building usually requires plenty of time, but an Indian contractor recently defied the odds by erecting a structure in two days. According to The Times of India, Harpal Singh, chairman and managing director of Synergy Thrislington, completed this construction project in 48 hours, a significant feat on its own. 

To finish the task, Singh said he used modules that enabled him to construct the building piece by piece. As a result, the structure now stands tall in Chandigarh, and represents just one of the Indian construction assignments that may have far-flung effects on the nation for years to come.

Construction boom on the horizon
Over the next several years, many Indian construction projects may help the nation's economy along with those who live outside of the country and send money to family members and friends back home. Architects' Journal reports that various Indian construction industry experts are predicting that numerous contracting firms could grow in the next few years. In fact, these specialists anticipate an annualized growth rate of 15.5 percent for the Indian construction sector between 2013 and 2017.

By erecting new buildings, many Indian residents could be affected. Not only will these properties host numerous businesses and citizens, but the structures may also play important roles in the nation's economic growth.

New schools and hospitals being built
A wide variety of educational opportunities could become available to Indian youths soon. The news source points out that institutional construction projects, including the development of both schools and hospitals, are expected to increase 14.9 percent annually over the next five years.

Meanwhile, students around the country may benefit if new schools open. These pupils could receive top-notch support from teachers, especially if the new institutions feature state-of-the-art learning tools.

Creating new properties could provide a vast array of employment opportunities to Indian job seekers as well. While the global economy continues to rebound from the downturn of the late 2000s, many Indian companies are investing in their operations so they can differentiate their offerings from those of rivals.

For Indian contractors to stand out from the pack, these firms could hire new team members so that various projects can be completed on time. The country's economy may respond accordingly, and the nation's profits could rise in the immediate future as new commercial and residential properties are built.

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