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How do many Indian adolescents feel about social networks?

Facebook, Twitter and other social networks have already had far-flung effects on various people around the globe. Indian adolescents are no exception, and recent data indicates that many of these youths enjoy communicating with one another over the internet.

According to The Times of India, a new Tata Consultancy Services survey revealed that 75 percent of Indian youths prefer using social networks instead of phone calls to stay in touch with family members and friends. Meanwhile, TCS research also showed that many Indian adolescents and those who live outside of the country and send money to people back home frequently rely on online platforms to build virtual communities.

"India's post-millennial generation, those people born in 1996 and afterwards, seem set to overtake the preceding millennial generation, taking communication over social networks like Facebook and Twitter and instant messaging modes like Whatsapp to newer extremes," a TCS spokesperson told the news source.

The benefits of texting
Because smartphones and tablets are becoming increasingly popular worldwide, more Indian kids are depending on these devices to stay up to date. Quality gadgets often allow children to text one another, and more adolescents could use various devices to share details about news and events with each other in the near future.

TCS chief executive Natarajan Chandrasekaran said that Indian schools could play important roles in promoting new technologies to students as well. More institutions are providing additional access to state-of-the-art tools, and by teaching pupils how to optimize these solutions, schools could bolster interactions between students and teachers.

"Urban school students today are gaining greater online access with more affordable bandwidth and smart devices [readily available]," Chandrasekaran told the news source. "They are an ultra-connected generation using the power of the internet for education as well as collaborating through social networks."

Social media impacts Indian job seekers
Not only are many Indian students benefiting from social networks, but various job seekers may also reap the rewards of these platforms soon. The digital universe provides numerous opportunities for employment candidates to connect with many companies, giving these professionals the ability to highlight their skills and experience to various organizations simultaneously. 

The New Indian Express points out that online networks offer many Indian job seekers a voice, and those who take advantage of the tools at their disposal can optimize their interactions with employers. In fact, connecting with companies over the internet could provide a competitive edge for many employment applicants, allowing them to share details about their backgrounds with firms and enabling them to stand out from other talented candidates.

More Indian marketers drawn to social networks
Business Standard points out that many Indian marketing firms are embracing online platforms to highlight their products and services to clients worldwide. Recent data shows that more than 60 million Indian citizens regularly use Facebook, and companies that promote their offerings over the internet could profit for years to come. 

Additionally, businesses that invest in social media marketing campaigns may help the Indian economy expand further. These companies might search for highly skilled professionals to teach employees how to optimize their use of social media, which could help various firms grow in short periods of time.

Social networks may also lead more Indian residents to use mobile devices regularly. Those who want to receive the latest news could purchase smartphones and tablets from Indian electronics stores, allowing these shops to boost their sales.

As companies consider ways to differentiate themselves from the competition, social networks may influence these firms in several ways. The ability to connect with large groups of patrons often makes investments in digital platforms worthwhile for both big and small businesses, and more Indian companies could benefit from using Facebook, Twitter and other web networks over the next few years.

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