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Mexico’s walnut production on the rise

The Mexican economy is diverse, relying on numerous industries to thrive. In fact, the nation’s walnut suppliers could see significant profits over the next several years, especially if the country continues to rebound from the global economic downturn of the late 2000s.

According to FreshPlaza, the country’s walnut suppliers produced 60,000 tons in 2012, a figure that may rise this year. Gloria Baca Marquez, president of the Walnut Product System Mexican Committee, added that these companies enjoyed substantial profits as well.

How will Mexico’s walnut production affect the global economy?
In 2012, several Mexican walnut producers were concerned about the sector due in part to the decline in consumption in 2011. While there was significant overstock in many suppliers’ warehouses in 2012, numerous providers watched their profits increase throughout the year.

If more walnuts are shipped around the world, Mexican residents and those who live in the U.S. and send money to family members and friends back home could benefit. As Mexican leaders search for ways to boost the nation’s profits, walnuts may help the country improve its global reputation.

Mining could also play a significant role in Mexico
Numerous mining investments could allow the Mexican economy to expand in the near future. contributor Cecilia Jamasmie points out that the nation’s mining industry could receive around $8 billion in investments this year.

Meanwhile, this total may significantly rise by 2018 as well. In the next five years, several mining industry experts predict that investments in this area could exceed $25 billion.

Because many investors are interested in gold and silver around Mexico, this country could significantly profit thanks in part to its mining sector. Currently, the nation ranks fifth globally for its mining investments.

Additionally, Mexican leaders could see notable increases in how much is spent on exploration. The nation does not charge investors based on mining production or profits, but instead issues a 30 percent income tax and fees depending on how much land companies use for mining.

Mexican job seekers may be able to pursue careers in the mining industry, as new opportunities could become available soon. If more mining companies consider the opportunities in Mexico, the county’s jobless rate could decrease, and more of the nation’s residents may be able to contribute to the area’s economic growth for years to come.

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