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Next Pacquiao fight more than likely outside the U.S.

It's been more than six months since Filipino fans of Manny Pacquiao made a money transfer to their families so they could watch the Fighting Congressman take on Juan Manuel Marquez on pay-per-view. And if his training goes as he plans, he hopes to return to the squared circle relatively soon to take on the man who knocked him out in the sixth round.

According to The Philippine Star newspaper, Pacquiao wants what would be a fifth go-round with Marquez. However, instead of in Las Vegas – where most of his fights have been – he wants to face off with the 39-year-old Mexican in his home country.

Pacquiao's trainer, Freddie Roach, shares his fighter's wish.

"I want the last fight in Mexico," said Roach before a group of television and print news reporters at The Venetian Macao in China. "That's my dream."

While Pac-Man's thoughts and actions are almost constantly involved with boxing and training to be a better fighter, his associates say that he's devoting most of his attention toward politics these days, as elections are just around the corner in his home country of the Philippines.

Bob Arum, who has promoted a great deal of Pacquiao's fights, told the reporters that the election can't come soon enough, as once it's over, the 34-year-old Pacquiao will likely recommit himself toward training and preparation.

Singapore, Macau other potential cities for upcoming fight
Meanwhile, even though Roach and Pacquiao say that they'd like to have their next contest in Mexico – mainly because the tax rate would be more affordable there than if they had it in Las Vegas – Arum said he's hoping for a different host city. The Philippine Star pointed out that "he sounded like he was pitching for either Macau or Singapore" as the venue for Pacquiao's next bout.

Wherever Pacquiao's upcoming fight happens to be, the chances that it will be someplace outside the U.S. are almost certain. Roach told reporters at The Venetian Macao that the tax rate in Las Vegas where his previous matches have been held have skyrocketed over the last couple of years, jumping from 31 percent to nearly 40 percent. Plus, Pacquiao's popularity has grown in the international arena and there are several cities that would like to host a major boxing match with the Fighting Pride of the Philippines as the main event.

Rose Tamayo, Pacquiao's representative, also spoke on behalf of her client to reporters recently.

"The fight is definitely in September," said Tamayo, according to the United Kingdom-based newspaper the Daily Mail. "We will talk about the opponent and the place after the May 13 elections."

Tamayo corroborated some of the statements Arum and Roach made about boxing in the U.S., saying that the tax rate in Las Vegas has become too cost-prohibitive. Thus, some of the top considerations for the host city include Mexico, Macau, Dubai and Singapore.

Those close with Pacquiao, as well as boxing experts, believe that Marquez will, in fact, be the next boxing match on the docket for the 34-year-old. In an interview with Boxing Scene, former heavyweight boxer George Foreman told the online news source that he has every confidence that Pac-Man will redeem himself.

"All the odds are in his favor to become champion again," said Foreman.

He added that the best thing going for him is his peak condition and stellar training, which he says has enables Pacquiao to recover more quickly than the typical in-ring fighter.

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