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Mexican avocado growers in midst of full-scale U.S. marketing campaign

Latin American natives perhaps have the best understanding of the type of quality and delicious taste Mexico-based produce has, seeing as how they're from there and spent much of their life enjoying the fine cuisine there. Some individuals may favor it so much that they're willing to send money to Mexico in return for a shipment of fresh fruits and vegetables from their local farmer's market.

But what these same individuals may not realize is that the fruits that they eat in the U.S. could very well be from Mexico, especially if one of their favorites things to eat are avocados.

As its name suggests, avocados from Mexico is a business that operates out of Mexico and mass produces the pear-shaped fruit for markets around the world through exports. And while the company has long served the U.S. it has recently stepped its marketing campaign in order to encourage more people to enjoy the fine tastes of Mexico and the health benefits that come from the leathery skinned food.

Eduardo Serena, marketing director for the Avocado Producers and Exporting Packers Association of Mexico, noted that while the campaign hopes to encourage everyone to eat more avocados – thanks in large part to their richness in essential fats, vitamins and minerals – its key demographic are Hispanic consumers.

He also stated that since the Super Bowl, demand for avocados has been swift and with the NCAA college basketball tournament just around the corner, APEAM expects sales to continue operating in the black.

"Avocados from Mexico will keep the momentum going by supplying the right volume, quality and sizing, as well as powerful marketing programs through the coordinated efforts of APEAM and [Mexican Hass Avocado Importers Association]," said Serena.

Many grocery stores taking part in marketing campaign
Throughout much of the U.S., APEAM and Avocados from Mexico have set up display cases promoting avocados in grocery stores and supermarkets. Some of the signs show pictures of NCAA college basketball players taking the ball to the rim, with headlines over the picture like "Guacamole – A Slam Dunk." Guacamole is a type of dip often served at party gatherings that's primarily composed of mashed avocado, mixed in with various seasonings, diced tomato, onions, garlic and occasionally chili peppers.

Not only does avocado consumption enable Mexicans to get reacquainted with their Latino roots, but the fruit is also one of the healthiest foods one can eat. According to MyHealthNewsDaily, including avocados into one's regular diet can help improve a wide variety of well-being indicators. Researchers from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey came to this conclusion after reviewing health statistics gathered between 2001 and 2008, following people who ate avocados regularly with those who didn't. The health experts discovered that people who ate the fruit frequently were more likely to have higher levels of HDL – which is the "good" type of cholesterol – were more likely to have a lower body weight have a smaller waist circumference and to eat a well-balanced diet.

"These findings suggest a role for avocados in improving dietary quality and possibly reducing the risk of metabolic syndrome in the United States," the report stated. "Further research is needed to verify this epidemiological data and study the potential association between increased intake of avocados and other dietary components."

While avocados are one of the few fruits that has fat, it's primarily comprised of the monounsaturated kind, which health experts say are crucial to a health heart, skin and reducing the risk of disease. These fats are also found in oils and nuts such as olive oil and almonds.

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