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Why Mexico City is the place to be

With each passing day in the U.S., the country moves closer to spring – a season of renewal and revitalization. Before the season arrives, however, many schools have winter vacations planned, where students are able to get away from the classroom for a week so they, too, can reinvigorate their minds before the final push toward the end of the school year.

While some kids and their parents may stay in the U.S. while on holiday, it's not uncommon for families to go on vacation in a different country. In fact, according to a recent poll conducted by brand agency Digitas, 30 percent of Americans intend to frequent international destinations in the second half of February.

Immigrants who send money to Mexico may want to take advantage of this time period in order to head home and enjoy their families and perhaps take in some parts of the country that they may have never experienced prior to moving to the U.S.

Similar to what Washington, D.C. is to America, Mexico City is to Mexico. Both serve as their respective nations' capitals and both are filled with activities that parents and their children can enjoy. Within the past year, CNN published a feature on Mexico City, the metro area that the news source describes as North America's "maximum city" – or the place that can reasonably be described as one of the most "enjoyable places on the planet."

Once again, similar to D.C., Mexico City has a variety of historical places that are worthy of experiencing. Perhaps the most popular is the city's main plaza, where the historic Zocalo is located. It's here that visitors will get that extra sense of patriotism they feel as being native to Mexico, thanks to the historical ruins that are found on virtually every corner. There's lot to see and enjoy at the Zocalo, including Madero Street, which is cordoned off to any vehicle traffic, as it's meant for pedestrian travel only. CNN notes that pageants are often held in this part of the City that are free and open to the public.

But for those who want to get a real taste of what life was like in ancient times, they can't miss the pyramids located in Teotihuacan, which is just north of Mexico City. CNN says that if there's any location in Mexico that visitors – or people who are native to the country – have to see, it's Teotihuacan, which at one point was larger than ancient-day Rome. The pyramids that tower into the sky are a sight to behold.

Food in Mexico City is world-renowned
The food in Mexico City is quite eclectic. Pujol, Casino Espanol and Contramar CNN cites as perhaps the best dining facilities in the entire metropolitan area, many of which have been open for between 10 and 100 years.

There's lots to see and do in Mexico City, which is home to 8.8 million of the country's people and 300 neighborhoods. How vacationers plan their time there will have a tremendously positive impact on the city's economy, as the goods and services there represent more than 20 percent of Mexico's gross domestic product and 4 percent of its total national GDP, according to government statistics.

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