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Pacquiao outside of the squared circle

When the Philippines' native son and boxing hero Manny Pacquiao is away from the ring, much of his time is devoted to family responsibilities as he and his wife, Maria Geraldine Jamora – otherwise known as "Jinkee" – have four children. And as many people would expect, given the amount of money he makes in boxing, his home may be best described as luxurious.

Recently, Yes! magazine published a feature story on Pacquiao's new home in General Santos City, featured on the front page of the February issue. The headline reads "Manny and Jinkee's White House."

The in-depth story, which is more than 30 pages in length, gives readers an up close and personal look into the home life of Pacquiao, along with the creature comforts of his new digs, which have been dubbed "Mansion 2." Not far from his new home is Mansion 1.

Outside of the home, Pacquiao can be found out working for the Filipino people, as since 2007, the Fighting Congressman has served as a representative of the 1st District of South Cotabato. And in a few short months, his constituents will go to the polls to decide whether they want to re-elect Pacquiao for a third term as their representative.

And with many observers projecting he'll win, Pacquiao may not be working alone. His wife is expected to run for office as well – a fact that may have escaped the attention of Filipinos working in the U.S. to send money to their native land.

Pacquiao's wife new to the world of politics
As reported by multiple Filipino news outlets and international news agencies at the time, Jinkee will run for the vice governorship of the Sarangani province. When asked why she intended to run in October, she said her husband was her inspiration.

"I will continue what Manny Pacquiao has started," she told Franklin Gacal, her attorney, who relayed the information to the press. Gacal further elaborated that while she at one time had no intention to run for public office, the ground swell of support from the Filipino people made her reconsider.

"Jinkee is a new face in Sarangani politics," said Gacal. "It will be public service above self. Governance without corruption."

Her constituents are the only ones who feel like she has the ability to win the seat; government leaders currently serving in Sarangani feel the same way.

The general election will take place on Tuesday, May 13.

Meanwhile, lots of people are talking about how Pacquiao has fared since losing to Juan Manuel Marquez in the sixth round on December 8 in Las Vegas. Freddie Roach, the 34-year-old's trainer, recently told the Los Angeles Times that he's doing fine.

"There are things I will be looking for in our next training camp," said Roach. "First, it is the footwork. I will be able to tell if he starts feeling for the canvas. I remember when I did."

There are some indications that he may call it a career, however. Roach told the newspaper that Pacquiao will listen to him if he feels as though it's time to hang up the boxing gloves.

"Manny told me that if I tell him it is time to stop, he will," said Roach.

In the meantime, ESPN reports that the Filipino fighter has been invited to compete in Dubai this in April, with the potential of earning $10 million.

Roach told Sport360, a UAE-based newspaper, that while the ultimate decision as to whether he competes will be that of Pacquiao and promoter Bob Arum, it would be an ideal location that would no doubt be seen worldwide.

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