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Do-it-yourself weddings proving to be latest trend

No matter where people live, it seems that nothing these days comes inexpensively, whether it's gas, grocery bills, utility expenses or rent. And what proves to be no exception to this rule is the exorbitant cost of the average wedding.

According to industry statistics, U.S. couples shell out between $19,000 and $32,000 for the average wedding and reception. While weddings are meant to only be a one-time event, many people can justify spending this amount. And while some may have the desire to throw a wedding party that's top-of-the-line, finances can get in the way, especially when people have responsibilities that require them to send money to loved ones.

With this in mind, many people are throwing their own wedding party. Do-it-yourself weddings – or DIY's, as some refer to them as for short – have become increasingly popular in the U.S., as couples are able to cut back on spending while at the same time forming a stronger bond with one another and their friends who may help them organize.

And according to polling data from, many brides to be take a lot of pride in the things they make. For example, the survey found that the majority of brides implement at least one DIY element into their weddings, whether it's making ceremony programs, party favors or escort cards.

And what they give out isn't just to a few people. The poll also revealed that Iowa and Nebraska residents tend to have some of the biggest weddings, with upwards of 200 people being invited to attend the nuptials and the reception afterward.

DIY weddings are more than just a passing fad. The showed that at one time, wedding planners were often frequently hired to set things up and provide soon-to-be newlyweds with a framework for how everything would be planned. But today, less than 20 percent of brides hire a wedding planner, opting either to handle it themselves or share the responsibility with friends and family.

It can be difficult, however, to come up with a theme for a wedding. That's where specialty gift and wedding retailers may be helpful. The Texas-based retailer and seasonal merchandiser Michaels recently released a list of some of the most popular DIY wedding trends in 2013, such as heirloom romance, purple luxe, seaside bliss and events inspired by certain types of art. Of course, there are many merchandisers who specialize in weddings throughout the U.S., and a quick internet search will likely yield results for how to get in touch with them.

Average engagement ring nearly $6,000
Here are a few other statistics that suggest DIY weddings may be the best option for finances. The revealed that the average engagement ring today costs about $5,850 and weddings that are held in the city are often more expensive than in more rural locations. It's estimated that some of the costliest weddings are held in New York City and Long Island, averaging $57,000 for all of the expenses.

Everyone goes into a wedding confident that the person they're marrying they will be with for the rest of their lives. And as international marriage statistics show, this is often the case for many people in Central and South America. Countries like Brazil, El Salvador, Ecuador and Mexico have fairly successful marriage rates, as the divorce rate for each of these countries is less than one for every 1,000 people. Other Latin American countries with divorce rates below this threshold include Panama and Chile.

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