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What jobs are the least stressful?

While a certain level of difficulty and pressure can bring a sense of accomplishment to a profession, there are some jobs that can be so anxiety riddled it can cause the average worker to become worn out or jaded quickly. The impact may be particularly harsh on those who send money overseas, as these breadwinners not only have themselves to take care of but a family to feed.

But as a recent report shows, there are a number of jobs available that can be rewarding while at the same time not causing a significant amount of stress., a website that helps job seekers find employment, recently released its list of the least and most stressful professions for 2013 after reviewing approximately 200 various occupations. Indications of what made a job stressful included the typical working environment for that employment sector, level of risk and overall job competitiveness.

Of all the lines of work analyzed, the job search engine says a university professor is the most anxiety-free job of them all. Not only do professors have a relatively easy work burden to deal with in comparison to other career paths, but they make a fairly sizeable income, totaling approximately $62,100 per year, on average.

"The field's high growth opportunities and minimal health risks in a low-stress, pleasant work environment makes the job of university professor the envy of many career professionals," said Tony Lee, publisher of

He added that over the next seven years, institutions of higher learning are anticipated to hire approximately 305,700 professors to their faculty levels.

Another largely stress-free occupation is working as a seamstress or tailor. Individuals whose professions revolve around sewing and creating fine clothing don't make a tremendous amount of money, but certainly enough to take care of themselves at a median salary of $25,850 annually.

Working as a medical records technician, jeweler and medical laboratory technician are other professions that don't cause much worry.

Military, public service workers most anxiety-ridden
As for the most stressful jobs, many of them involve taking on responsibilities that could cause harm. For example, enlisted military personnel, military generals and firefighting were considered the top three jobs that were stress-inducing. For the most part, however, these jobs are well paying. While becoming a military general requires a tremendous amount of time devoted to the armed services, a general makes a median salary of $196,300 each year. Enlisted military members and firefighters make more than $40,000 annually.

Most of the career paths cited by the job search website require a university degree. Taxi drivers generally don't need to go to a four-year university to become one, but this position is one of the more stressful ones, with drivers earning less than $22,500 per year.

People who are unfamiliar with immigrants often think that they tend to perform more labor-oriented job positions, such as a taxi driver, chauffeur, housekeeper, landscaper or construction worker. However, as the Center for Immigration Studies says, these jobs are mostly held by those who are native to the U.S. More than 55 percent of maids and housekeepers are native-born, as are taxi drivers, meat processors and ground maintenance workers. In fact, nearly three in every four janitors originates from the U.S.

The nonprofit research organization says that there are four professions where more than half of workers are immigrants. These include masonry workers and plasterers; agricultural workers; personal appearance employees, such as manicurists and pedicurists; and tailors.

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