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One-quarter of U.S. companies will hire in 2013

After years of being in a dead-end job or earning a wage that prevents them from taking care of their families, many people have resolved to make 2013 a year that they take the steps needed to immigrate to the U.S. And as a recent report suggests, it’s a good year in which to send money home to their families from there, as the job forecast in the country is stellar.

According to a recent report released by job listing website CareerBuilder, many employers within the U.S. intend to increase their staffing levels this year. Approximately one in every four employers in the country say they want to bring more people on board so that they can increase their business productivity.

Much of this optimism may stem from the economy showing modest improvements. The U.S. Census Bureau recently revealed that the unemployment rate stayed at 7.8 percent in December. In the final months of 2012, the jobless rate stayed below 8 percent, a level that the rate was above for most of the past several years.

Matt Ferguson, CEO of CareerBuilder, indicated that some of the least favorable job forecasts come out of Western Europe. Just 19 percent of employers in Italy expect to recruit more in 2013, with as many as 33 percent of companies intending to slash their staff levels. Other European nations whose companies predict hiring will be limited include France, Germany and the United Kingdom.

He added that there’s no real continuity in deciphering which companies from the various parts of the country will be hiring or firing.

“The job outlook presents varying degrees of growth and deceleration as governments and businesses strive to rebuild and expand and deal with large deficits,” said Ferguson. “The overall hiring picture is improving, but companies will remain watchful as they navigate headwinds and maneuver through somewhat precarious economic terrain.”

Ferguson also stated that the sluggishness with which many European companies intend to hire largely derives from the sovereign debt crisis this part of the world has experienced. Countries like Greece and Spain have had to cutback on various entitlement programs due to budget shortfalls.

Great time to be in sales
Meanwhile, with many U.S. companies expected to hire more, CareerBuilder points out which sectors will be the most likely to post ‘help wanted’ signs online, in print and anywhere else job openings are advertised. Domestic companies in sales, information technology and customer service are the major markets that look to expand their payrolls in the next 12 months. Sales was a theme among the world’s 10 largest economies, as six of them gave indications that this sector is looking for qualified candidates.

Financial experts say that the rate with which companies hire could do wonders for the nation’s economy by putting more people back to work and improving the country’s gross domestic product.

Some states have already witnessed economic recovery. According to three new reports from the Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation, the Migration Policy Institute and the University of Arkansas, the Natural State is one of those places in which economic conditions have vastly improved.

Results from the reports show that Arkansas – a state whose nickname also happens to be the Land of Opportunity – witnessed a net gain of $3.4 billion in earnings. Much of this derived from immigrants, as on a per capita basis, immigrant contributions were greater than the services they received.

Immigrants also fill many of the state’s most important employment positions. Between 2008 and 2010, nearly one in every five Arkansas physicians was an immigrant. Sixteen percent of construction workers, 13 percent of manufacturers and 9 percent of agricultural workers were also immigrants.

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