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Looking for a new, better paying job? Information technology may be just the thing

It goes without saying that the better off someone is financially, the easier it is to send money online. And while many immigrants may be in a job situation that's paying them handsomely, some may be looking for a position that will enable them to earn a bit more so they can make their dollar go further.

While there are a variety of fields in which to pursue, some of the highest paying are in the information technology field.

John Reed, senior executive director of the staffing firm Robert Half Technology, indicated that this field is growing rapidly, as more businesses are utilizing IT systems.

"Salaries are rising for candidates who can help organizations leverage new technologies to increase efficiencies, gain business insights and produce superior customer experiences," said Reed. ""In some cases, there's a shortage of individuals available to fill these highly specialized positions, which is driving up starting compensation levels."

With this in mind, Robert Half Technology and The Creative Group detail a number of professions that workers may want to consider in IT.

Mobile applications developer
With more people using mobile technologies such as tablets, smartphones and personal data recorders, mobile applications have become all the rage. And if workers have familiarity with app development and are at the same time creative, they may want to consider a career as a mobile applications developer. Robert Half says that starting salaries can range between $92,750 to $133,500.

Business intelligence analyst
Another career that may be of interest is a business intelligence analyst. These professionals are typically involved in a company's marketing efforts, analyzing data so that important business decisions can be put into motion. Salaries in this field range between $102,250 and $146,500.

Specialized interactive director
Interconnectivity is a hallmark of the internet age. But in order to adapt to an ever-changing marketplace, there needs to be a director who's responsible for implementing creativity. Interactive creative directors do quite well compensation-wise, earning an average of $95,500 to $160,000 per year, Robert Half and The Creative Group report.

Network architects
Then there are network architects. Just as a building architect comes up with the design for a building or residence, network architects develop a company's communication infrastructure. This enables businesses to share information with other companies in similar fields.They're forecasted to make 7 percent more in salary next year, meaning that they're average pay will likely be between $102,250 and $146,500.

Immigrants "vital" to information technology
From agriculture, to construction, food service to accommodation, and healthcare to the life sciences, immigrants are in virtually every industry imaginable. And according to the Brookings Institution, immigrants play an "especially vital" role in information technology. In a report issued by the public policy think tank earlier this year, many immigrants are computer software engineers. Computer scientists, computer programmers and systems analysts are other job titles frequently held by foreign-born immigrants. Overall, there are nearly 270,000 immigrants in the information technology field, based on statistics from 2010.

Working in this field typically requires an advanced degree, and as the Brookings Institution notes, immigrants are nearly as likely to have a college degree as those who were born in the U.S. A separate study found that 9.5 percent of native-born U.S. citizens had a Master's or professional degree in 2010, while 9.1 percent of foreign-born citizens had one as well.

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