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Why job seekers should strongly consider a position’s requirements before accepting an offer

When in the job market, it's not uncommon for employment seekers to sacrifice some of their wants for a particular position, so long as they get the offer. Given today's economy, it can be difficult to find a job, never mind one that's the perfect fit.

However, even though a job provides workers with the proceeds they need to send money home to their families, job search website CareerBuilder says individuals who are in the market shouldn't be resigned to giving up too much, as the pay or policies of the company may make life miserable.

For example, it's not unusual for companies to require that their employee dress in a particular way, such as dress pants, a shirt and tie for men, while women may be required to wear slacks or skirts with a length that's below the knees.

If this type of formal wear makes it difficult to work, the position may not be the best one to take. CareerBuilder says employment seekers should take a look at what other people are wearing before their interview in order to gauge whether they think they'd be comfortable with it.

Something else to factor into whether a position is the right one is whether the position requires them to travel. Some have a lot of trouble flying, whether it's because they tend to get air sickness or they simply don't like having to constantly adjust to a different environment. And if the work requires them to travel outside the U.S. CareerBuilder says there's nothing wrong with asking whether the job requirement comes with a willingness to travel.

Many people have a variety of expenses, especially immigrants, as not only do many of them have rent, utility and car expenses, they also have to set aside some of their earnings so they can transfer money abroad. CareerBuilder notes that while it's bad form to ask what a job pays, employment seekers should at the very least have a number in mind for how much they need to make each pay period in order to pay for everything they need to and still have some money left over to save.

In order to entice employees to work for a company, businesses often offer insurance and other employment benefits. Again, while job seekers should avoid asking outright whether a position includes health benefits, it's wise to pay attention to what an employer says about the job description, as they'll often volunteer information about whether the job has certain perks, like health coverage or gym memberships.

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