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The ‘soft skills’ that are needed to nail an interview

The people who send money overseas for their families come from a variety of backgrounds and virtually all of them have specific skills, whether it's being good with their hands or being able to think through an issue. The ideal situation is to be able to land a job where these skills can be exploited. However, individuals won't be able to do this if they don't make the right impression first.

With this in mind, CareerBuilder says prospective employees should remember the importance of "soft skills," as they can be crucial to landing a good job and improving one's standard of living.

Positive attitude
Soft skills are basically characteristics that demonstrate a person has a mature emotional or social acumen. They are often determined through first impressions, which  is why a good attitude is an important attribute to foster.

As CareerBuilder states, the attitude and personality that people present to others has a significant influence on how others respond. To demonstrate that one has a good personality, it's important to practice these skills, being mindful that they come across as genuine and not contrived. For example, having a polite and friendly demeanor is crucial, as is showing enthusiasm and motivation for a particular job or career path.

Good listener
In addition, when speaking with an interviewer for a job, the employment listing website says hirees should listen as intently as possible. It may not seem like it, but the interviewer notices subtle things like this, and the more positive personality traits that are demonstrated, the more likely it is that prospective employees will get the position.

But first impressions are critical, which is why it's crucial to come to an interview well-prepared. CareerBuilder says it's all in the presentation, as having an organized resume may be the most critical aspect. A well-crafted resume should not only detail what someone's previous experience has been but the following the application process guidelines is equally as important. For instance, the job posting may have required applicants to fill out an application form or write a cover letter in addition to a resume. Ensure that all of these things have been taken care of.

Professionally dressed
Another key component of presentation is dressing appropriately for the interview. CareerBuilder notes that companies want to see a sense of professionalism in applicants, so wearing jeans or shorts is a bad idea.

Being late to a meeting, work or a class happens now and again, but human resource experts say it's particularly bad form to be late for an interview. The job search website says that failing to be on time can come across as disrespectful of the interviewer's time and suggests the applicant doesn't take the job seriously. Thus, leave for the interview early to guard against any issues that may lead to not being there on time.

Other important soft skills to foster can be found at CareerBuilder's website.

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