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Ranji Trophy opens with Rajasthan title defense

The Board of Control for Cricket in India's latest edition of the Ranji Trophy will kick off on November 2, with a battle between Bengal and two-time defending champions Rajasthan.

Rajasthan dominated the trophy in recent years, as it won the past two finals. The first trophy occurred in the 2010-11 edition of the trophy, as the side overcame Tamil Nadu for the final victory in Chennai. The previous tournament won by Team Rajasthan was over Baroda.

While Rajasthan had most of the recent success, this was not always the case. Mumbai is the most successful side in the Trophy competition, and recent history helped add to the overall tally. In the 2006-07 tournament, Mumbai defeated Bengal in the final. After Delhi's win over Uttar Pradesh in the next edition of the trophy, Mumbai returned to its winning ways in 2008-09, with a win against Uttar Pradesh. The latest win for Mumbai occurred in 2009-10, when it defeated Kanataka in the final.

Setup of the Ranji Trophy
The competition's Super League is split into two groups with a total of 15 teams. There is also the Plate League, which consists of another 12 teams divided into two groups. While the first aspect of the tournament pits the teams in each group into a round-robin setup, this is only the beginning. The Knockout tournament takes six of the teams from the groups – the top three finishers in A and B – and the top two of each group in the Plate League. Once this is complete, there will be two play-in matches before a standard quarterfinals, semifinals and final.

While the tournament begins in early November, the group stage continues through early January. The remainder of January will be for the knockout stage, with the final ending the tournament from January 26 to 30.

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