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Pacquiao, Marquez look to secure personal victory in fourth contest

When Manny Pacquiao and Manuel Marquez met in the ring last November, boxing observers believed it would be the last time the two would meet, as it marked the third time in which the fighters squared off. But by the time the 12-round bout reached its conclusion and the winner was announced, virtually everyone knew that a fourth match would be scheduled.

That's because several thought the decision was an incorrect one. While the Philippine-native put up a good fight and got the decision from the judges, many thought Marquez – who is a native of Mexico – threw and connected on enough punches to win the fight.

Now, Marquez and Pacquiao are on their own respective missions. On December 8, Pacquiao is out to prove that he truly is, pound for pound, the best boxer in the circuit today. Meanwhile, Marquez hopes to win and justify what many of his supporters believed – that he should have won the November 2011 contest.

The rivalry between Pacquiao and Marquez traces back to 2004, the first time they competed at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. At that time, the Philippine and Mexico natives were evenly matched, so much so that after 12 rounds, the judges declared the bout a draw.

Four years later, another match between the two was scheduled. This time, Pacquiao won, but not without controversy, as once again it was decided by the judges, who narrowly gave the fighting pride of the Philippines the win. This enabled him to retain his WBO welterweight title.

Disgruntled by commentators making their claims as to who was the better fighter, Marquez and Pacquiao scheduled another match, which was held a year ago. But once again, the fight didn't settle things, even though Pacquiao won by a majority decision this time, Marquez supporters largely believed that their guy should have been declared the winner.

This time, though, both sides say that they hope the result will set the record for who really is the best pound-for-pound champion in boxing today.

"Right now my mind is focused on being more aggressive for this fight," Pacquiao recently told an assembly of reporters. "I will try not to fight as slow at the end of this fight as I did in the last three fights. That is my focus right now. I want to finish stronger in this fight."

What the match means to the contenders
There's a lot riding on this match other than the respective fighters' sense of pride. By winning, Pacquiao would help to further solidify his legacy not only with Filipinos but in the sport of boxing. A win for Marquez would put another notch in an impressive career, which includes being a four-division champion and winning seven different world titles in a variety of weight classes.

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