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Keep things simple by arranging cash pickup in the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic frequently ranks as one of the top destinations for remittances in Latin America, which may help explain why the country’s economic growth has recovered considerably since the global economic crisis. Xoom users may have helped make this reality possible.

Sending money to the Dominican Republic is fast and easy, thanks to a variety of ways in which money can be obtained by recipients who live in the island nation shared with Haiti. A fast and reliable ways is by cash pickup. As a general rule, funds sent to the country by an online money transfer are available to be picked up within 15 minutes when using Xoom. Even better, the money can be picked up in the form of dollars or pesos.

There are also a variety of pickup locations to choose from, so the chances of the recipient being a walk away from one are pretty good. Xoom can send money to more than 330 pickup locations in the Dominican Republic, many of which stay open until the late evening hours. In addition, if recipients are pressed for time and can’t get their money until the weekend, several of the pickup locations have business hours on Saturdays and Sundays as well. This may include places like Caribe Express, Banco BHD, Remesas Dominicanas and Banco Del Progreso.

The economy in the Dominican Republic is improving thanks to remittances. Help your family’s financial situation get that much better as well when you send money online.

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