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Send money to Peru, donate to its Olympic Team

With hours to go before the start of the 30th Olympiad, more than 10,000 athletes from 205 countries throughout the world are gearing up for what may be the most significant moment of their careers – the chance to bring home a gold medal.

Among the countries participating in the London Summer Olympic Games is the Peruvian Olympic Team. If you happen to be from Peru and this is the team you're pulling for, you're in luck – as Xoom is a proud sponsor of the athletes.

Throughout the month of July, whenever Xoom users send money to Peru, a dollar of it goes toward supporting Peruvian Olympic sports. Not only does it fund the team's monetary needs so it can compete in this year's and Olympic Games in the coming years, but it also helps support the athletes' families. Additionally, it goes toward funding sports scholarships, so athletes from Peru can go to college and perhaps pursue a career in their athletic field.

But hurry, this exciting opportunity to donate ends on July 31.

In the meantime, over the next two weeks, keep an eye out for the Peruvian Olympic Team, which is made up of 16 athletes from various athletic fields like track and field, badminton, judo, rowing, sailing, shooting, swimming and taekwondo. High-profile athletes include marathon runners Ines Melchor and Gladys Tejeda, swimmer Mauricio Fiol, rower Victor Aspillaga and taekwondo fighter Peter Lopez.

The Peruvian Olympic Team is looking to bring home its first gold medal since 1948, which happens to be the last time London hosted the Games. The last time it took home a silver medal – two of them, in fact – was in Barcelona in 1992 during the shooting competition.

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