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Enjoy the security and convenience of home delivery

Thanks to a better understanding of what it takes to be healthy, many people are living longer much longer than people used to. They’re also more mobile, as individuals in their 70s and 80s are often able to get around like they did when they were in their 20s and 30s.

Despite this, there may come a period in which people have trouble moving around. This may be especially common for the elderly, as a considerable percentage of people who live in the Dominican Republic are over the age of 65.

They don’t have to worry about finances, though, as thanks to Xoom’s home delivery service, people who work overseas can send money to family and have it brought to their front door.

Xoom provides the home delivery service to the Dominican Republic to provide an extra layer of convenience. Instead of picking the cash up or having to go through their bank to obtain funds, all a recipient has to do is open their front door, as the cash will be delivered directly to them.

How quickly they receive it depends on when the online money transfer was made. If it was sent before 4 p.m. Local Dominican time, the money will arrive in three hours or less. If the money was sent after 4 p.m., the funds will be delivered the next morning, generally before 9 a.m.

Whether it’s for convenience or out of necessity, home delivery in the Dominican Republic is an ideal way to get money to its intended destination.

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