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More remittances allowed into India

There's some good news to report for people who routinely send money to India, as officials in the country are allowing more remittances in to help spur its economy.

According to Dow Jones, India's central bank – the Reserve Bank of India – recently more than doubled the number of remittances non-resident Indians can make to family in India in a given year, as the maximum number of permitted money transfers increased from 12 to 30.

Economists say that one of the reasons why the RBI decided to do this was to support the rupee, which has lost a considerable amount of value in recent months, down 10 percent when compared to the U.S. dollar, Dow Jones reports. In addition, since June 2011, the value of the rupee has diminished 20 percent.

The higher limit on number of transactions makes it easier to send money home to support your families in India

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