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Bradley ready to “shock the world”

After several underwhelming performance by Manny Pacquiao, most boxing enthusiasts and analysts will have their eyes trained on the WBO Welterweight Champion on Saturday, looking to see if he may have lost some of his former dominance. But Timothy Bradley, Jr., Pacquaio's undefeated competitor, says observers would be wise to watch him instead – as he intends to "shock the world."

"I’m ready to do whatever it takes to win this fight," the 147-pound, two-time champion told the New York Post. "I'm ready."

Bradley indicated that for the past four years, his primary focus has been on Saturday's matchup and anticipating how Pacquiao will perform in the ring. Hours in the gym and reviewing a considerable amount of film footage has prepared him, he says, for taking whatever the Fighting Pride of the Philippines brings.

The 28-year-old California native isn't the only one who can attest to his focus. Cameron Dunkin, Bradley's manager, told the newspaper that he's never seen Bradley more driven to win.

He has an incredible work ethic," said Dunkin. "He eats it, watches it, sleeps it, breathes it. He takes his career more seriously than anyone I have ever seen."

Their confidence, however, wasn't enough for the Las Vegas oddsmakers to give him the edge in the fight. Nor is his 28-0 record, 12 of them by way of knockout. The odds of Bradley defeating Pac-Man – who has a lifetime record of 54 wins, 3 losses and 2 draws – are 4-to-1, but this is subject to change.

While most are banking on Pacquiao to retain his title, those who are betting against the Fighting Congressman may be doing so because of Bradley's fighting style. It's this overtly aggressive approach to boxing that Pacquiao's trainers have expressed concern about, as Bradley has a tendency to lead with the head, often colliding with his opponents'. Recognizing these inclinations, Bradley told the New York Post that he's altered his style so he can't be accused of fighting dirty.

I don't want to leave a bad taste in the mouth of the fans," Bradley confessed. "They pay to see a show."

Whatever happens in Saturday's fight, a rematch is all but certain. Multiple reports indicate there was a rematch stipulation built into the contract when the June 9 match was booked several months ago. It's tentatively scheduled for November 10.

Before that, though, business has to be settled at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. You can watch Bradley take his best shot at Pacquiao when you sign up with Xoom and make your first monetary transfer. You'll then receive an email with instructions for how to contact your cable provider so you can watch the Pay Per View free of charge.

But hurry – the match is tomorrow and this offer will soon come to an end.

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