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Australia the top ranked country for ‘find work’ searches

Since the inception of the internet, searching for a job has changed dramatically. Submitting a job application and resume is still very much a part of the process, but locating a job is often as simple as entering the term "find work" in an online search engine. And as a recent study makes plain, millions of people are doing just that.

According to employment services firm ProfileTree, Australia was the top ranked country under the Google search term "find work." Last year, when a similar poll was conducted, South Africa held the top spot.

At number two this year was Ireland, followed by Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom, rounding out the top five countries for the search term "find work." Last year, the U.S. finished in ninth place.

The survey also revealed the cities in which "find work" was often a search term. Last year, the most "find work" searches were logged in London, followed by Brisbane, Australia and Dublin in Ireland. People in the U.S. cities  of Chicago and Los Angeles entered those words frequently as well, as did employment seekers in the Philippines capital city of Manila and Singapore.

This past year, however, there's been a noticeable shift in the top 10 cities. Chicago and Los Angeles moved down the list and were replaced by Toronto in Canada and New York City. Other new entries were Melbourne, Sydney, Kensington and Greater London, all of which are located Down Under in Australia.

What does this mean for your ability to find work so you can send money home to your families? ProfileTree came to one possible conclusion.

"It is possible that these metrics actually reflect migration – where mobile people in countries that have suffered hardest during the current decline use the internet to try and 'find work' by typing in this exact search term during 2011 and previous years," the company states. "But, towards the end of 2011 and start of 2012, as people have continued to move towards traditional migration centers such as the USA, Australia and London in the UK – it can be argued that it is no surprise that these regions dominate the 'find work' search online."

Ultimately, the best place to go to find work is the country that will offer you the best job so you can make money transfers to your family. However, the opportunities you'll have in the U.S. are unlike any other out there. For this reason, you may want to give the U.S. the most consideration in your job pursuits.

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