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Xoom launches new, easy-to-use mobile site

Xoom, a leading online money transfer company, already makes it easy for you to send money around the world, and it’s getting even simpler with the launch of its new mobile website. Now Xoom customers can make a mobile money transfer right from their iPhone, Android or other smartphone.

Sending money from an iPhone, Droid or Blackberry with Xoom’s new mobile money transfer site is just as safe and secure as online banking. Furthermore, it won’t take up any memory because it can be accessed from your phone’s web browser, so you’ll have plenty of space for Angry Birds and Paper Toss.

Having both Xoom’s mobile site and mobile banking at your fingertips wherever you go makes it easy to check your bank account balance before you send money. For instance, if you deposit a check, you can click into your mobile banking app to see if it has cleared yet. If not, you can always visit the mobile Xoom site and schedule a transfer to occur when you know the check will be cleared.

With just a few taps of the screen you can easily find out when your international money transfer has taken place. Xoom’s mobile site allows users to check the status of their transfers, which can take as little as a few minutes to reach their destinations.

Customers can also use the mobile site to find out about transfer fees and keep an eye on exchange rates. This can be especially helpful as exchange rates are changing constantly. By using the mobile site, Xoom customers can ensure that they get the best exchange rates by making a money transfer when the rates are low. Scheduling a transfer will also lock in these rates so even if you are not ready to send money online, you can still lock in the low rate.

Xoom’s mobile site offers all of the same options as the full website, which even includes choosing how the recipient receives their funds. Customers can choose between sending money online to banks or one of Xoom’s many locations worldwide so the recipient can pick up their funds directly. They also have the choice of sending money directly to their loved one’s bank account, making it easy for them to access the funds from any ATM.

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