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Australian wunderkind Cummins could make debut against South Africa

At just eighteen years old, Australia's Pat Cummins already looks destined for greatness. The young player can bowl 150 km/hour and has already been dominating in Australian domestic leagues. In fact, his performance thus far has spurred talk that he could be named to Australia's main test team for their upcoming fixture with South Africa.

Cummins has already set several records, such as the youngest player to be awarded a Cricket Australia contract. If selected, he would be the youngest player since the legendary Ian Craig played for Australia in 1953, at just seventeen.

Australian cricketers have been weighing in on whether or not they think Cummins should play. Nobody denies his talent, but the question comes down to injury risks. Test cricket can be grueling, and Cummins has had back problems already in his career.

"I think you've got to use a guy like that when you can,'' cricketer Mitchell Johnson told the Sydney Morning Herald. ''He can bowl up to 150km/h; you've got to make the most of it, I think. I went through back fractures, stress fractures at that age. I'm not saying he's going to go through that, he might not get injuries…. It's possible he'd get through it and if he does then good on him and it's good for us, good for our future in Australian cricket."

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