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U.S. attempting to decrease visa waiting time

More stringent policies placed on visas in the wake of 9/11 have discouraged many from visiting the U.S. and slowed down tourism, according to the Wall Street Journal. Fortunately, the Obama administration is looking into ways to improve this situation and allow more people to visit America.

The Council on Jobs and Competitiveness, formed by Obama to look at ways to increase the number of jobs in America, made several recommendations to invest in visa-granting capacity. With more people to process visas, the U.S. hopes to get more people to visit America and expand the tourism industry.

"If you were running a business with a line out the door of people who wanted to come in and buy your product, you would do everything you could to get them in there," Geoff Freeman, executive vice president of the Corporation for Travel Promotion, told the news source.

As of now, the wait for a visa can be excessive, depending on the country. In Brazil, the time can often exceed more than four months, according to the news source.

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