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How to Wire Money to Germany with Xoom

Technology makes everything easier, and that's definitely true for sending money overseas. International travelers may remember the hassle of wiring money before the advent of the internet, but nowadays its a simple few clicks with Xoom and your funds are on their way.

It's easy to wire money to Germany with Xoom, as the funds are deposited directly into your friend or family member's account. Direct deposit is both secure and convenient, and the money typically arrives in your recipient's account within minutes. The friend or family member in Germany can then access the funds easily through any ATM.

You can deposit your funds to any bank in Germany, including Postbank, Sparda-Banken, Commerzbank, Barclays Bank, Citibank, Deutsche Bank, Teambank, BayernLB, Landesbank Berlin and many others. Xoom will also display the current exchange rate when you make your transaction so you know exactly how much you are sending.

You'll need your recipient's bank account number in order to complete the transaction. Keep in mind that if you wire money after 4 P.M. on a weekday, German time, your funds will be deposited by 4 P.M. the next business day., also German time.

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