Skip to content releases a Bollywood spectacular with a money transfer twist!

Light….Camera ….Action…the drama has all the masala to make a spicy blockbuster. Xoom steps in this filmy-shackle-breaking entertainer, and saves the day!

Dramatic footsteps, a dragging belt, the khandar, a teary eyed maa, daaku aur bandhuk all been put together in a spectacular Bollywood drama by none other than Sumit Dutt Mannan the director of ‘Dhinka Chika’ from the super hit film READY and ‘Desi Beat’ from the upcoming movie BODYGAURD.

So get ready to jive in to the ‘Fatafat Xoomfast’, signature move! The countdown begins now…watch this space for the latest Bollywood blockbuster coming from Xoom.

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