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How to Send Money to Peru

It's incredibly easy to send money to Peru online using Xoom international wire transfers, and in just a few clicks of the mouse, your family or friend will have the cash they need quickly.

Xoom offers two services to Peru: cash pick-up or bank deposit. With a cash pick-up, your recipient will need to head into a branch location and get the money in-person. If you plan on using Scotiabank, this happens nearly instantaneously – your cash will be available right away. Other banks, such as Banco de Credito BCP, Interbank and BBVA Banco Continental, are also supported, but they may take slightly longer.

With a bank deposit, the money will instead be credited directly to a bank account (you'll need the bank account number for this type of transaction). Your recipient will have access to their money at an ATM. Again, this is instant with Scotiabank and slightly longer with the other banks – but everything will likely be processed within 15 minutes during normal working hours.

If you plan on sending money to Peru via Xoom, you can choose between converting to nuevo soles or keeping your money in American dollars. The most you can send in this fashion is $2,999 at once. If you do plan on sending in nuevo soles, Xoom will display the exchange rate when you log on and you'll be able to lock in that rate, so you don't need to worry about market fluctuations. 

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