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How to Send Money to the Dominican Republic

If you've never used Xoom to send money online before, you'll likely be surprised by how simple it is to quickly and securely transfer funds anywhere in the world, including the Dominican Republic. For those who have family or friends back home in the D.R., Xoom offers a number of different ways to send cash fast.

Those sending money to the Dominican Republic have three options: home delivery, cash pick-up and bank deposit. Home delivery is very secure and convenient and is available seven days a week. Money sent in this fashion usually arrives at your recipient's doorstep in about three hours.

You can also arrange a cash pick-up, where your recipient will go to a branch to receive their funds. Xoom is supported at more than 300 locations, including Caribe Express, Banco BHD, Remesas Dominicanas (ReD) and Banco del Progreso. This usually takes about 20 minutes.

Finally, you can securely deposit the money directly into your family or friend's bank account. The time for this option varies – the transaction is processed at different times throughout the day, so it depends on when you send the funds.

Currently, $1 is equivalent to about 38 Dominican pesos. When you send money via Xoom, the exchange rate will be clearly displayed, and you'll be able to lock in the rate you've selected.

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