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Happy Independence Day, India

Today is the 64th anniversary of India gaining its independence from British rule, and the events are symbolized by the raising of the national flag at the Red Fort in Delhi by the Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh. He then delivers a speech that pays tribute to the figureheads of India’s struggle for freedom, while using the opportunity to discuss the nation’s accomplishments since the previous Independence Day.

Throughout the country, similar ceremonies take place at the capital cities of Indian states, where local government leaders will raise flags at state buildings. Educational establishments carry out flag raising rituals as well. Indian people will flock to these events, and many people will wire money to their families so they can afford to attend the celebrations.

In Bangalore, young students reenact battle scenes from the freedom struggle, according to MSNBC. Family members of students who participate in these events will send money to India to help the kids pay for their costumes. Reenactments aren’t the only events that take place on this holiday – many people fly kites on Independence Day in India, filling the skies with bright colors.

Costume parties are a regularly observed tradition as well. People dress in outfits that reflect the Indian culture and heritage to get together and honor their nation.

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