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Fairy bread and Boston buns: Australian sweets for young and old

People who are living or working outside of the country may often get homesick, and one of the best cures for homesickness is indulging in favorite foods from home. People can send money online so that their loved ones can prepare the same dishes at home, and even though they are separated by great distances, they can still share a meal, or even a quick snack or dessert.

Fairy bread is an Australian treat that is often served at children's parties. The snack is simply bread and butter covered with nonpareils, or sprinkles. While the exact origin of this colorful food is unknown, it may come from a short poem by the same name, written by Robert Louis Stevenson in 1885.

A more grown-up treat, Boston buns are large spiced pastries that have a healthy supply of coconut frosting on top, and often contain dried fruits. These goodies, often served with tea, are unique because they are made with mashed potatoes.

The dough is made by combining mashed potatoes and sugar until they are smooth, then adding flour, fruit, milk, baking soda and salt, according to New Zealand Women's Weekly. The dough is baked in shallow sponge pans, and while it is in the oven, the frosting can be prepared. It's often a standard butter cream with coconut shavings pressed into it after it has been smoothed over the cake.

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